In-Person Physiotherapy

You can find us in our boutique clinic in the central location of Kent Town, South Australia.

What can you expect when visiting us?

  • A comfortable Welcome Room to unwind in prior to your appointment
  • Longer appointment times, to ensure we can understand your goals and perform a thorough assessment so that we know exactly what we are dealing with from the start
  • Treatment: Depending on your presentation, this may include “hands on” treatment to help reduce your pain and allow you to move easier, Dry Needling, Taping, Education and Exercise Prescription
  • Individualised Treatment Plan: Walk away with a written plan of how to go from injured and frustrated to back feeling 100% better, and doing all of the things you love. We understand that there can be a lot of information to take in during an appointment, which is why we like to provide you with something to take home so that you are never left guessing on what is wrong, what our journey together will look like and what you need to achieve to ensure a full recovery!
  • Online Video Library: Getting the right exercise-based rehabilitation program is essential to having a successful recovery. You will receive a personalised online program with videos and instructions on exactly how to perform each exercise so you know you are doing it correctly!
  • Ongoing Support: The benefits of being a small business means that we allow extra time for all of our clients and ongoing support during the week, because we actually care and want to see you reach your goals! Don’t feel like you have to wait until your next appointment, we are here to answer your questions and celebrate your wins with you along the journey.
  • Return to Sport Testing: The goal with every client is to have an ‘end-point’ to our journey. This is the point where we are confident you are 100% better, ready to return to your prior level of activity and have the best chance at not reinjuring yourself again. Before being discharged, you will go through a final testing, that is specific to your exercise goals, with advice for how to best look after yourself in the future!
  • Office hours
  • Monday – FrIday 7am-7pm
  • hicaps
  • medicare
  • all private health funds accepted