Online Physiotherapy

Online video physiotherapy consultations allow people from anywhere in the world to have access to high-level physiotherapy and get the same level of care, assessment, diagnosis, advice and individualised exercise and rehab programs from the comfort of their home or office.

These style of appointments have become increasingly popular, due to the convenience of being able to get expert advice and treatment in the comfort of your home.

Online physiotherapy is great for clients who:

  • Live in a remote or rural area
  • Travel regularly for work
  • Are post-surgery and unable to drive
  • Are busy with work and family and find it difficult to find time to travel to a clinic
  • Are unable to make it into the clinic for any reason
  • Are looking for an individualised exercise-based rehab program and advice
  • Need post-operative rehabilitation
  • Looking for an expert opinion

How does an online physiotherapy consult work?

Your initial consultation will be conducted in the same way as an in-person appointment, except we use a secure video chat software to speak with you.

We will start by going through a detailed medical history to gain a full understanding of your injury or concern and work out what the likely injury is, the cause of the problem and what goals you are hoping to achieve.

We will then go through an assessment, and may ask you to demonstrate some different movements that we can observe on the screen. In some cases, we may ask you to film the movement prior and send it to us. For example, if the issue is with an exercise in the gym. This way we can still assess your movement.

Once we have finished the assessment, and confirmed the diagnosis, we can provide you with an individualised management plan to help you reach your goals and set out what the treatment journey will look like. This may include a personalised exercise-based rehabilitation program, education and advice. If we feel you would benefit from hands-on therapy, or a referral to another health professional, we can help arrange this in your local area.


Can I use private health?

Private health rebates are available.


What technology will I need?

We use a secure video chat platform designed for health care, to ensure your privacy and safety. You will receive a link at the time of booking the appointment.

You will require a laptop/tablet/phone/computer that has audio and video capabilities, as well as a stable internet connection.

  • Office hours
  • Monday – FrIday 7am-7pm
  • hicaps
  • medicare
  • all private health funds accepted