Second Opinion

If you are not feeling confident in your diagnosis or treatment plan, wondering whether you do or do not require surgery or are not feeling like you are making the progress with your injury that you have hoped for, then a Second Opinion Consult may be right for you.

Seeking a Second Opinion consultation from a Senior and Titled physiotherapist can provide you with valuable insights, reassurance, and the confidence to make informed decisions about your treatment options moving forwards.

A Second Opinion Physiotherapy Consultation involves seeking professional advice from another experienced physiotherapist regarding your musculoskeletal condition, injury, or recovery process. This consultation serves as an additional evaluation and assessment to verify or challenge the initial diagnosis and treatment plan you received.

During the appointment, our skilled physiotherapist will conduct a thorough examination of your condition, review your medical history, and listen and discuss your concerns and goals. This comprehensive assessment allows our expert to provide an objective perspective, validate your current treatment, and offer alternative insights or recommendations.

Benefits of Seeking a Second Opinion in Physiotherapy

  1. Confirmation of Diagnosis: Obtaining a second opinion can help confirm or clarify your initial diagnosis. Misdiagnosis is not uncommon, and different physiotherapists may approach the evaluation process from unique perspectives, potentially leading to alternative insights or uncovering overlooked factors. A confirmed diagnosis is essential for tailored and effective treatment.
  2. Verification of Treatment Plan: By seeking a second opinion, you can verify the appropriateness and effectiveness of your current treatment plan. An experienced physiotherapist can assess whether the prescribed exercises, modalities, or techniques are aligned with best practices and evidence-based approaches, ensuring you receive optimal care.
  3. Expanding Treatment Options: A second opinion consultation opens doors to explore alternative treatment options that may not have been considered previously. Different physiotherapists may have specialised expertise in specific techniques or approaches, offering you a broader range of potential interventions to improve your recovery outcomes.


  1. Improved Confidence and Peace of Mind: Doubts and uncertainties can hinder your progress and mental well-being during rehabilitation. Seeking a second opinion provides an opportunity to gain reassurance and peace of mind about your condition and treatment plan. Knowing that your concerns have been addressed by another expert can boost your confidence and motivation to actively participate in your recovery.
  2. Educational Opportunity: Engaging in a second opinion consultation offers and educational opportunity for you to gain deeper insights into your condition, its potential causes, and treatment options. You can expand your knowledge about your body and become an active participant in your rehabilitation process, making more informed decisions about your health.


Does this mean I need to stop seeing my current physiotherapist?
A Second Opinion Consultation is generally a once-off appointment to provide you with more information about your condition. You can continue treatment with any clinic or therapist you choose, and with your permission we can send through a report and recommendations for your ongoing care.

I am a Health Professional and would like help with a patient.
Health Professionals are welcome to refer their clients for a Second Opinion. As the referring therapist, you are welcome to observe the consultation (with the clients permission) and we can share all insights and recommendations with you, so that you can continue on treatment with that client.

Can I claim this appointment through Private Health?
Private health rebates are available for this appointment. We also accept Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan’s (not bulk billed), as well as Return to Work and Third Party Insurance Claims, under an independent assessment.

How can I access this service?
Second Opinion consultations can be conducted either in-person or through telehealth, depending on your location. Please contact our team to find out more.

  • Office hours
  • Monday – FrIday 7am-7pm
  • hicaps
  • medicare
  • all private health funds accepted